Blog Hits

Here's some of the search words bloggers have used to find my blog over the past two days.

"job seekers bullshit"
A rather funny search. And a sign of the times. Also a sign of the times was the following:

"food rationing"
This one appeared three separate times in two days, from different parts of the country.

"kip schoning"
This is a very popular search word and often comes out of Oregon State University. Not surprising considering the number of students who rent his properties and end up getting screwed out of deposits and repairs. His wife is advertising for an office position in her real estate firm. Applicant must know how to handle customer complaints. That's the understatement of the year.

"rob boss craigslist"
This person must have put their resume on craigslist, as did myself (anonymously) recently. Someone calling themselves "rob boss" e-mailed me, stating I had 24 hours to reply. I blogged about it and of course, didn't respond. This poster was out of Georgia, so it seems as though this "rob boss" is making his rounds across the country with his unbelievable offers of employment. I wonder if this person stole this name from the painter on PBS, Bob Ross, and decided to have some fun with it. Idiot.

And, saving my favorite for last:

"can too much pot kill you"
Not surprisingly, this came from someone from a University here in the states. I hope after reading my entry, he/she realized that no, too much pot can not kill you. Too much, however, can make you temporarily stupid and paranoid. But then again, so can watching the Evening News.


Jesse said...

Hey! Just did a Google search for Rob Boss because I recently received an email from him (from Craigslist) as well after posting my resume. I could already tell it was strange but it's nice to search and see that I'm not the only one.

Jesse said...

BTW I just read the rest of this entry. Lol it's kind of funny and ironic that I also ended up here because Google suggested I search for 'Rob Boss craigslist' after typing 'rob boss'. Haha.. I can just say I'm evidence that your entry holds truth.

Nina said...

i still have people find my blog after googling his name. apparently he's still at it.

Anonymous said...

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