The Insanity of Petraeus

Read here FMI. It's full of way too much blathering bullshit for me to even go into further detail. Although I do want to know what happened to the protestor after he/she was escorted out.

Want to know what makes me weary? The inability or refusal of people to accept that violence creates violence. Like attracts like. Anyone with the ability to think sees this is exactly what has happened in Iraq. Both sides want freedom and peace. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a blind fool. It's a fundamental human desire to live as one desires and be left the hell alone in order to do so. Of course some abuse that by imposing their will onto others. Anyone doing that doesn't understand nor support freedom.

Our politicians like to say buttery-padded phrases like "Troop withdrawal? Well now, that's a complicated issue." It is not. You pull them out. Today. And if I had my say, every single political puppet and figurehead from every nation around the globe who has voted for or supported this war in any way shape or form will find themselves employed over in Iraq rebuilding the communities that have been destroyed.

It's beyond words what has been done in Iraq. I don't blog much about it, mostly because it's one of those things that are so big for my mind to grasp. And my heart. Hundreds of thousands of children are orphans. The environment, damaged and polluted. Decades are needed to heal that. Most of the citizens remaining will never see their country be the same again, never see it fully recover and heal. Birth defects from DU are about the worst crime I can imagine.

What can be done about it? Honest to god, what can really be done to put it all to an end?

1)Refuse to vote for ANY CANDIDATE at ANY LEVEL who has ever shown support for the war or who continues to support it.

2) And any candidate who is currently holding office at ANY LEVEL who supports the war MUST BE REMOVED.

At this point, war with any nation should be something we simply stop supporting as voters. Picking up a gun and shooting someone, dropping a nuclear bomb, tossing a grenade, dropping missles are not the way to deal with problems. Period. The end result is never positive. We want peace? We must start desiring it at every level of our beings. We must INTEND IT TO BE. We must stop focusing on what we don't want and instead put all of that energy into what we do want. Be the change we want to be, at the individual level and at the collective level.

You want to know what insanity truly is? It isn't the woman down the street who talks to herself or the guy who thinks he hears Jesus in his head. Insanity is the course of action as put forth by the governments of this world. It is the military policies. The need for control. The thirst for power. The complete and utter lack of regard for human life.

We are pawns to them. A vote for a different party this primary season isn't going to do a damn thing to remove the insanity. We must remove the system as it is now to do that. The question is and always has been and remains to be: are we up for the challenge?

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