12 Tips For Surviving The Next Depression

The "D" word's being tossed around in a way I have never seen. Plus, this recession isn't just limited to the States. It's global.

Since we didn't have a full economic recovery from our last recession in the early 2000's (full recovery meaning each income bracket sees an increase in real wages), this one's hitting especially hard. Nearly 10% of homeowners dealing with the subprime chaos. We are now seeing an increase in food riots. The dollar's weakening. Credit debt is at an all-time high and consumer confidence is in the toilet. And something I as a job seeker notice: a massive growing trend towards commission-based sales positions and those work-at-home jobs. What I see much fewer of: secure positions that pay a living wage.

Check out this article to get some tips on surviving a (potential) upcoming Depression. At the very least, some of these are applicable under any economic conditions.

I still have faith in human kindness and generosity. I believe we can work together and use this time to create something new. Aren't we all just a wee bit tired of being so dependent on the System?

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tkn said...

Interesting article,

Part of the reason I left grad school without looking back to learn construction was a response to prepare for "peak oil".

Composting/waste utilization will also become growth areas.