Myth Busting: Sylvia Brown

I thought that would be a good title to busting wide open some of the misleading and limited thoughts supposed "leaders" and "teachers" tell us are Truth when in reality, they are nothing more than man-made myths, created to keep us feeling small and powerless. Done intentionally or not, they're not of any help. I'm takin' my sledgehammer of truth and busting them wide open. Today's topic, Sylvia Brown.

I'm not here to challenge her psychic ability. When it comes to feeling entities not of this dimension, I believe she has a gift. Perhaps not as amazing as she and others like to think, but I do believe she has credibility. However, having read some of her books, and knowing she has a huge following, I wish to bust wide open some of her myths she espouses as Truth.

The first being:

We Are Here To Serve God.

Like a little child I want to know "Says who?" Think about that one. How do you feel when you believe you are here to serve someone or something? Every fabric of my being knows this is False. We're here to experience. To create. If we want to serve others, fine. If not, fine. If we only want to serve ourselves or nothing or no one at all, fine. The Universe doesn't judge us, therefore there is no need to feel obliged to serve it or some god, man-made or not. Doing out of a sense of obligation isn't an authentic experience. It's one of those "should's" and "ought to's". To truly serve comes from pure desire. It's a natural feeling. But to feel we are here to serve God and do God's work is a myth. A man-made sentiment as forced upon us throughout the religious ages to keep us in a place of smallness and of servitude. To keep us in a mold, locked in a limited box. That isn't humbling. That's humiliating.

The idea also sets up a belief that we are somehow separate from the life force when in reality, we ARE the life force. So perhaps a better way to say the phrase is "We choose to come here to experience our eternal life force in physical form". I have more to say about this topic, mainly from the points of view that reincarnation is a necessity and that we are here to evolve spiritually, both of which I think are also myths. I'll address them at a later time.

The second being:

There can never be heaven on earth.

I believe she meant that as a metaphor, meaning the concept of heaven is one of peace, love, joy. It's unfortunate Sylvia espoused that belief in a recent book. She's obviously (and understandably, given her line of "work") become jaded. I've seen it in her eyes, I've seen it in how she speaks. The woman's burned out. Rather than aknowledge that, she now tells her followers "Forget about it. Heaven on earth is an impossibility".

Whatever happened to the idea that anything is possible? Isn't peace a choice? Just as violence is a choice? We're oh so much more than bodies and brains set on autopilot, although yes, you would not know that if you were a visitor from another dimension visiting us on any given day. But it still comes down to choice. And we have a choice. Every single one of us. Regardless of our backgrounds, our gender, our beliefs. If we can create hell on earth we can certainly create heaven on earth. I'm not saying it would be easy, given how we have learned to think, live, be. But it is possible and each new day gives us that opportunity to do so.

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