So Michael Moore Wants Me To Vote For Obama


Well, in a nutshell because of Hillary's recent attacks using the "F" word. That would be "Farrakhan". Apparently she said Obama had ties to Farrakhan, indirectly through Obama's minister.

He thinks this is an insult? He's reacting so strongly why?

When I see such political attacks, I think "Business as usual." It no longer upsets me.

What DOES upset me is this on-going pandering to, well, Business As Usual with more support for yet another corporate puppet. Afterall, a vote for a Democrat is better than a vote for a Republican. And having another administration like the Bushes is simply not tolerable.

And understandable POV.

And yet another administration under a Democrat won't be much better. Perhaps some. BUT NOT ENOUGH. And we need a lot of "ENOUGH" yesterday!

Obama thinks Iran's a threat and isn't against bombing them to hell and back. He kisses Isreal's ass while trying to convince (brainwash) us once again that Israel is only trying to protect its "Homeland", even though the truth is that Israel is forcing the Palestinians out of their homeland, just as they have been doing for the past 30 years. You would fight too if another nation invaded your territory and said "Get out. This land is now ours." According to Uncle Sam, if you're a United States supported aggressor, your actions are justified. You're a victim. If you're not supported by the states and you're engaged in military combat, you're a terrorist.

When oh when are we the people going to demand more? No, not more. THE BEST. When? My vote will be for Nadar. He's the only candidate on the ballot (well aside from Ron Paul who I could stand behind if he didn't have such extreme views on certain issues) with the balls to stand up to Corporate America, demand they return the keys to this country, and return said keys to the people. With the courage to call this bullshit war for what it is. With the gumption to reign in this out-of-control federal spending. To demand corporate accountability. To create living wage jobs again.

So it is your choice. You want more Corporate domination? You want more war? You want more nightmares under Nafta (which was a joint venture under both the Dems and Repubs)? You want to see the continuation of the crumbling of the middle class? No corporate accountability? You want to see no real policies that truly work to eliminate poverty and hunger? You want to see Montsanto continue to monopolize the seed market, with it's GMO crap? Fine. Vote for Obama or Clinton.

But if you really want to see some of the above change in the favor of peace and the people, you will for for Nadar. Or Kucinich. Or heck, even Paul.

But I know one thing. Once either of those two puppets are put into office, it will be a frustrating experience for me and those who think as I when supporters begin to cry foul after it is made apparent there isn't really going to be much in the way of real change. But I know, from my own experience, that sometimes you need to be hit on the head more than once with the bat until you realize you're getting hurt.

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