Meteorologist Misses, Mishaps and Mistakes

Anyone but me notice the growing number of mistakes meterologists are making lately? In today's global climate change, I'm thinking that perhaps weather patterns are changing, which is putting today's computer models out-of-date. And we all know Meteorologists rely heavily (too heavily in my opinion) on the computer models in forecasting weather. Yesterday all of the local stations and one up in Portland forecasted a high of 58-61 degrees and increasing clouds for our area.

Try 72, sunny and very windy.

We've had snowfall on numerous occasions (elevation of approximately 300') when we were told it would be limited to 1,000' and above. We've had lows stay around much longer than forecasted. Our temperatures have been averaging a good 10 degrees below normal. And yet not one Meterologist has mentioned a thing about this being the new norm or about this resulting from global climate change. It's just a "very unusually cold spring".

Try an unusally early and cool fall and cold winter as well.

Me's be thinkin' it's time for the weather dudes and dudettes to put forth the request to the gods of the American Meterological Association (with whom they must receive that stamp of approval before giving out forecasts) to update the computer models. The times they are a' changin'. Technology, in this case weather forecasting, needs to keep up.

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