Where Do I Even Begin...

...to address the annoyances I am feeling.

My online resume is only generating crap for responses...so far that is. The latest was from some guy named "Rob Boss" claiming I had 24 hours to get back to him. And if I was indeed serious about making a change in my life, he would e-mail me the pertinent information. Considering he sent it on a Sunday morning at 4am, does he really not stop and think some people may not read their e-mails on Sundays? Nor look for work? Can anyone say S C A M? Ironic it was that at the top of his e-mail was an advisory about not responding to scams and work-at-home spoofs. Please oh please do not waste my time. Give me the details up front or it's a no-go for me.

I wake up many days wanting to be somewhere else. Wanting a different life. Wondering why in the world I would come to this planet now given the ways of the system aren't in line with my value system. Wondering why so many god damn individuals remain asleep at the wheel, living like zombies every day. Wondering why in the world anyone is excited over the upcoming presidential race. Wondering why anyone in their right mind could support any of the top 3 individuals. Waking up from the system of controls is a lonely, painful experience at times. Think the average person wants to talk about chemtrails, mind control, GMO seeds and foods and Montsanto, the microchip agenda, the bogus war on drugs, alien races who have intermixed with our species and are behind the puppets masquerading as our "leaders", creating lives and communities that are off the grid and independent AND know the meaning of the word "freedom". How the System (church, schools, government, media, business) has numbed us with thought control...

I read a story about a woman whose brother was a meth addict. She supported taking pseudoephedrine off the drug store counter. Oh dear, I thought. Another person who is trying to wake up but is still under the controls of the System if she really thinks that was 1) OK to do in a society that is supposed to be about freedom of choice and 2) a plausible solution. Would she support taking away bleach and ammonia, too? Those are, afterall, also used to make meth. You want to treat the problem? Look at the reasons why people use in the first place. Look into the corruption of the government and their bedfellows (the mob, big biz, military, drug lords, etc.) and see how these very folks who blab about drug policy are often the very ones profiting off the problem by ensuring this shit continues to be manufactured and distributed. And lastly, end prohibition. Criminalize unlawful behavior (such as theft and physical violence). Not the substance.

Cell phone issue: one example of why human beings are not meant to multi-task. At least efficiently. Today at the store we see a wallet in an empty shopping cart. We pick it up and head back inside to give it to one of the store employees. We're waved down by an individual on their cell phone, who couldn't even stop the conversation to thank us properly. We just got one of those "oh, that's mine, thanks" and then off they went, continuing their phone call while they drove away. I sent off a quick thought of protection as I often do when I see folks attempt to drive and talk at the same time. Makes me wonder where independent thought is headed. The System makes it harder with the mind-numbing chemicals in our air and food, not to mention if you're a member of organized religion, the public school system or university and the thought control going on in those institutions. As one person said to me, "I had a really hard time embracing the ideas the church presented me." Perhaps, or shall I say very likely this is due to the fact that a part of them knew what they were being told didn't represent their truth.

Makes me wonder. What is truth? On the topic of religion and death, isn't it possible that what happens to us at physical death is largely, mostly, if not purely based on what we believe? I like to think so. And as such, I'd much rather experience that reality, in a way that is peaceful and fun, where there are no controls or thought police or judge and jury. Free to be me.

Isn't that what we are all really after anyway? And wouldn't we all really like to experience that in this reality too?

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