Another Attack On The First Amendment

While I understand (as much as I can that is) the indescribable distress this family feels over the death of their son in Iraq, this lawsuit is nothing more than misguided anger and grief. Their son has died and somewhere inside they want someone to pay. Again, a very understandable emotional/mental state. However, there is no law that says we have the right not to be hurt or offended and all of this political-correctedness we've become so obsessed over is, at it's core, censorship. Or perhaps it started with the intention to be considerate of others. However, it's gone beyond that.

I wonder how the family would feel if the slogan were "America's Hero's" or something along those lines. Would there be a lawsuit then?

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nolocontendere said...

I suspect these poor wounded people are like so many other bewildered and misguided americans - they're in deep, deep denial over the fact their son is dead for no reason whatsoever.