How Truthful Is The Oil Shortage Story?

The following came in my e-mail box this morning. Not having cable, we can't watch this. For those of you who do and who would want to watch this, please do so and let me know what you think about it. We used to watch these folks a few years ago, back when we had cable. Their news stories helped shape our views. At least they helped open up our eyes to topics not covered on even some of the more progressive news media outlets. I certainly have come to the conclusion that the economic situation we are in is indeed manipulated, as have all other economic cycles, good and bad.


In an earth-shattering interview with oil industry insider Lindsey Williams this week, Kate and Richard Mucci reveal on Out There TV what Enron, Chevron, BP and Shell don't want you to know.

There IS NO OIL SHORTAGE. Peak Oil is a Scam!

Lindsey Williams was there thirty years ago when a pool of oil was discovered in the United States that would have made this country energy independent for TWO HUNDRED YEARS. But it was capped and classified, kept secret by the government and the elite in order to manipulate the price of oil and the economy of the world for their own agenda.

According to Williams, the American dollar is also being manipulated and set to crash, not by chance, but by design plan.

Don't miss this explosive episode.

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