Obama: Hope. Change.

i was inspired to write this piece last week after reading an excellent analysis on Rense about obama. at the time, i wasn't sure whether i should post it, my suspicion factor in particular high mode that day. his overuse of the word "change" was something that was already bothering me. every political figure running for prez thinks he/she has the golden wand for change. obama used it so much during his campaign, often surrounded by elusive promises and flowery words (the man CAN orate, afterall), that i quickly became sceptical. his use of the word "hope" was also bothering me for i had this inner suspicion he was playing on the fears and deep frustrations of the people to garner votes. then when i read in the Rense piece about the term "hope" and how it's a term used that makes reference to the future instead of the here and now, i thought YES. brilliant. wish i had thought of it first. for more reading, check out this piece on pugs in space's blog, a letter written by the man who received my vote, Ralph Nader.

Hope. Change.

These two words have been tossed around a lot the past many months. They are the two words that Obama used to get himself voted in as our next President-elect.

It was a brilliant move, really, for it is quite easy to prey upon the desperation of the masses. Feed them the right words, spoken by someone who truly knows how to orate, and the desperate will believe anything.

Sad, disheartening and frustrating it was and is to me that many Obama supporters somehow are convinced they are of the fully awake and aware crowd, pointing out to the McCain supporters how blind and naive they are. And yet they are every bit as unaware as those they are accusing.

Hope. It's something we think about in the future. It has nothing to do with the here and now.

Hope for a better world...tomorrow or the next day or the next month or next year.

Hope for an end to war...tomorrow or the next day or the next month or next year.

Hope for an end to poverty...tomorrow or the next day or the next month or next year. Etc. etc. etc.

While hope is important, the real word we are looking for is N O W. Equality, respect, and justice. N O W. Not tomorrow. Not the next day. Not next month. Not next year. N O W. NOW is doable. NOW is possible.

But Obama never said such words. Instead he infused our minds with "hope" that maybe things will be better in the future. Sort of like attaching a piece of cheese to a string and giving it to a very hungry mouse and telling him "this is yours" and each time he moves to take a bite, the string is moved just a bit more.

Haven't we had enough of these Political Frauds filling our minds with the lies of "hope"? Haven't we had enough of being told hope lies in the distant future just as soon as we bomb this country or bail out this corrupt industry or cover up yet another lie?

Then there's the word change. Oh yes, Obama was a master at convincing the masses he was the candidate to enact change. He was the one to steer our country in a different direction. And yet taking just an hour or two in learning who is behind him, who is advising him and anyone with a modicum of intelligence will soon realize he's only a new front. Only this time he's a brilliant front. Obama mania has swept not only this nation but the globe. And I do not exagerrate when I use the term "mania". The more of these videos I have watched of people's reaction to this man, the more concerned I become. People crying and screaming all over one man as though he's the Messiah.

Most think the past 8 years have come to an end. Truthfully though, they really havn't. We just now have a more educated, brilliant speaker at the forefront instead of a simpleton even the most die-hard conservative of Republicans could no longer stomach. You may install another Oz with different coloring, different intelligence quotient's, different political affiliation. But the real power of Oz was never Oz himself. The real power of Oz was the blind faith put on him by the people. People awoke quickly to the reality of the Oz of the past 8 years. But this time around, a new generation of slumbering folks has been spawned. For we have been presented with some new factors: intelligence, the ability to orate and skin color. All of this means we have a mass of people who will be much easier to fool this time around.

And that's something that should give us all pause.


tkn said...

Great points nina,

I totally agree that we need to focus on the now.

However, as a fellow Nader voter, I have a different take on Obama. Like the slave owning forefathers who opened the door for...Obama, say, but Black liberation in general, women's suffrage and an expanded notion of equal rights, Obama's flowery rhetoric cracks open the door a little more. Change does happen when people get organized.

I'm talking about the 8hour day, child labor laws, environmental protection, civil rights, the 60s etc.

I get the sense from your statements that you think real, fundamental change doesn't happen. but it does. and it only happens when people are organized.

So we on the fringe need to embrace the opportunity that Obamas election is cracking open the door a little bit more.

I would agree that the economic system has not fundamentally changed. But this election, in the light of increasing awareness of so many critical issues, could be a catalyst or an opportunity.

The Oz metaphor is true to an extent but not reflective of the true complexity of our situation.

Nina said...

Thanks for stopping by and putting in your two cents.

My concern is this blind mania of support behind Obama. My concern is that the masses will still continue to support the on-going global war, continue to support the banking cartel, continue to support corporate rule, etc. There will be some mild tweaking of policies for certain, but the inherent, intentionally created/driven/produced system itself will continue on as usual. And it is THERE where things need to change. And it is that "hope for tomorrow" b.s. that will continue to be played on the tongues of every political figurehead until the masses get a clue and stop their support of business as usual. Enough already of this little bitty changes here and there, slowly. Change and change NOW. damnit. lol