The Left and The Ostrich Effect

If this is your first time reading, I don't want the title to cause you to assume I'm a rightie, ok? I'm not. I'm beyond both the right and the left, off in my own little field where seeing behind smoke and mirrors, political double-speak and other bullshit is the norm. Labels only divide and that's exactly what the PTB want amongst the people: Division.

That being said....... I've been watching the left frantically hang on to the last little threads of rope, desperately trying to avoid the inevitable - that their "Mr. Change We Can Believe In" sold them a bag of lies. Gitmo is simply being relocated. Nation invading remains part of U.S. foreign policy. Sucking the wealth from the people and passing it along to the elite continues. The crimes of the previous administration are simply being swept underneath the rug. Jobs continue to leave this country with absolutely no real solid, long-term, permanent jobs policies having been created. Despite his pledge to back off on medical marijuana raids, his DEA buddies have only increased their war (on the people) in Cali.

Need I go on?

To quote Michael Moore (regarding Obama and his Afghanistan policy): "Our president cannot be drinking the same kool-aid as Bush. I refuse to believe it."

And that's the problem. Mr. Moore and his well-meaning ilk are exhibiting the Ostrich Effect, which is the refusal to see the truth when it's as clear as the sun in the sky in the middle of a hot summer day.

Hey, realizing we were fooled is difficult to admit in this individualistic society of ours. And owning our own mistakes, all the more difficult.

While I have sympathy for these folks, there is no time to waste. These folks simply must pull their heads out of the sand and own up to the fact that they were called to vote for this man for the following reasons:

1) He's black. (Own it folks. You know that's a part of it.)
2) He orates beautifully. Well ok, he orates better than Bush and after 8 years of such brutal assaults on the english language, any improvement was going to provide a sense of attraction and relief.
3) He tossed around the "I was against the Iraq war from the start" mantra.
4) He used the word "change" 10,356 times (my stat).

In short, he played on the people's desperation, their sense of hope and faith.

And that should have all of you Obama supporters even more upset than realizing the theft of the 2000 Election by Bush and Co. One is subtle, another more blatantly obvious. I mean come on, Bush himself even stated he would be taking Florida. You could "mark" his word on that.

So what's it gonna be? You ready to remove that head from the sand and join in with the folks who see the light? If so, you will be eagerly welcomed.


Devin said...

Yeah Nina this was an incredible betrayal to me!!
and to think I cried the night he was elected because i was so happy!!
wow screwed again but if feels worse haha-well not haha- because this was the only major political party candidate I ever believed in -I held my nose and voted for Kerry in 2004 because I was terrified of what 43 would do-but with Obama I was enthusiastic at first
I went to vote early on Halloween day (haha looks like i got my "trick" doesnt it) 2008 to the Tempe library because my back wasnt bad that day and i was afraid it would be out on November 4 and i would miss voting!
well guess what -voting early that day at that library took 10 hours-yes i am not lying 10 hours-
people at the RI forum tried to warn me too and i wouldnt listen-learned my lesson big time
now what scares me UNLESS it wakes people up is this: because of Obama whatever Republican horror story they run in 2012 will be a shoo-in
let that sink in a minute
and all because he is a liar
I want my vote back!!
all the best to you and your family and your "baby" -i hope all of you have a beautiful Christmas season-the way things are going with this fraud it can only get worse before it gets better-and you are right
everyone who can't admit when they have made a mistake has their head in the sand!!!
all the best!!!

Nina said...

hey, that puppet lied to an entire country of well-meaning folks like yourself. and i admit that i also found myself shedding a tear and feeling a fuzzy glow as he stood out in the cold giving his speech on election night. however i knew i was merely picking up on the energies of his supporters and that my reaction had NOTHING to do with the reality of what was to come. i'd love to see a trend begin--a movement--where folks such as yourself now see you were mislead and lied to. even call it "I WANT MY VOTE BACK", just as you said. : )

i hope you are doing as well as to be expected. thank you for your kind wishes!

Anonymous said...

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Nina said...

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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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In first steps it's very good if somebody supports you, so hope to meet friendly and helpful people here. Let me know if I can help you.
Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

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