Mainstream Media Manipulation

The folks at Yahoo put out this piece from the AP. It says things are spiraling out of control. It says the rugged individualism of our spirit as a nation is being challenged.

And that's where the article stops. Of course. Nothing else is added. Nothing added for hope. No call to action. And certainly no accounting for the real perpetrators.

Here's where I pick up on it and add the truth and reassurance so many of you, so many of us, are looking for.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Burned out? Frazzled? Confused? Afraid? That's ok. It's to be expected. In fact, if you aren't feeling this way, I'd question what in the hell is wrong with you.

It's all, largely, been controlled and planned to be this way. As far out as that may sound to yet some of you, don't you think if our leaders were really concerned about our best interests, about our concerns, there would be plans in place...YESTERDAY... to:

1) Lower the cost of energy.

2) Lower the cost of food.

3) Reign in this out-of-control health care crisis.

4) Replace the millions of good wage jobs that have left this country.

5) Reign in this out-of-control profiteering.

6) Put an end to corporations who rape the land with their deplorable farming practices, then once the land becomes uninhabitable for vegetative growth, they move on to the next space.

7) Put an end to the massive subsidies given to farmers that, for starters, require them to grow food but then give them subsidies to DESTROY the food.

8) Reign in this globalization trend that ruins lives, abuses workers and destroys our planet.

Please feel free to add your own.

Let's all take a deep breath and say the following affirmation, together, three times.

Government does not care about me.

Government does not care about me.

Government does not care about me.

Feel the rage that comes up. Feel the sense of betrayal. Feel the pain. FEEL that victimhood. Own it. Then use that anger to DO SOMETHING. Big, small. Doesn't matter. DO SOMETHING. Even if it's to educate yourself more on the going's on.

Research things like weather control (HAARP) and manipulation. Research Montsanto and the massive influence they have in farming. Research things like chemtrails. Or better yet, just pay attention to the skies above and watch how some of those little poofs coming out of planes turn into strange looking clouds that spread out and leave unnatural looking streaks in the skies. Learn about the blood lines of our political leaders. Read up on the on-going plans for globalization. Follow some of the links on nina's favs to get more information.

As the Yahoo article states, our sense of independence and self-reliance is being challenged. That is the silver-lining in all of this chaos. In all of this controlled ugliness, we have the chance to realize WE NEED ONE ANOTHER. It's HEALTHY to need each other, to depend on each other. And sadly, part of the sick brilliance of the System is to focus us away from our feelings and instead, focus on our Left Brain, the logical, rational, scrutinizing, judgmental part of our being. While the left brain certainly has it's place, we need a balance of left and right. Our schools fill our left brain with knowledge and facts. Creative tasks that encourage right brain activity are grossly missing. Free thought is encouraged only so long as it isn't too far out in right or left field.

One of the most ugly things to me is the field of psychology and human behavior, ugly in how at it's core is the motto to help people, and yet what it really does it quiet people. We have seen huge increases in people labeled with such supposed "illnesses" as depression, anxiety, mood disorder, personality disorder, ADD and ADHD, rage disorder. Today I see such things and say well it's about TIME! Not that I agree these are disorders, but it's about TIME people start exhibiting such behaviors. I believe this to the absolute core of my being, but overall, I believe the vast majority of folks labeled with such things are the brightest, most sensitive, intuitive, intelligent folks on the planet. Angels, we are. Folks who know something's up, something's not right. Folks who know this planet could truly be a paradise. A glorious, beautiful, wonderful paradise. Folks who know THINGS DO NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY (contrary to what we're told by both well-meaning and ill-meaning individuals). In short, we're labeled "fucked up" because WE KNOW THINGS ARE FUCKED UP. And when we know that, even if it's a deep knowing not yet embraced by the conscious mind, we exhibit all sorts of symptoms the field of psychology and now mainstream society, says must be quieted in some way. Usually in pill form. May I introduce to you the Pharmaceutical Company to the rescue?

I recall a conversation once with a psychologist I was seeing at the time:

"The world, the System, is really fucked, you know that?" I said.

"Yes, it really is fucked," she said, agreeing with me, not mocking me.

"So then, I'm really here to be comfortable in my own self so that I can go out into the fucked up System and function like everyone else, right?"

She paused for a few moments before saying: "You can say that."

I told her perhaps her field of experts needs to be doing more to heal those controlling the System instead of making all of that money on the System's victims. She could only look at me.

I think that's the first time in my life I've ever felt a real sense of power. I had discovered a truth. And I had opened up the eyes of someone in power.

Pay attention to your feelings. For there you will find something that bypasses both of the brain's hemispheres. There you will find the truth of that part of us that is connected to that source even more powerful than all of the world's corruption combined.

So yes, things are chaotic right now. Don't let the controllers tell us there's nothing that can be done. Even IF the weather isn't being manipulated right now, the technology exists and has for decades to do just that, so there's no reason the weather cannot be manipulated to be bring us more stable climate conditions. And all of these levee breaks would not have happened if this nation's infrastructure had been properly maintained, which it has not been. Finally, the MSM came out and cited a study (done 3 plus years ago, btw, but hey, these folks move like molasses sometimes) by a group of Civil Engineers that gave our nation's infracture a "D". Food. Hmmm. There's plenty of land space to grow enough food to provide for us all. It's being mismanaged. Think the elite are suffering? Hell no. That alone speaks volumes.

One thing I've learned: Whenever some elite business or government leaders tell us it is we, the little people, who need to change, QUESTION THE HEAVEN AND HELL out of that statement. And then pay close attention to see if that individual is doing one of the following:

1) Profiting off of said changes we are to make. And/or
2) Not doing a thing him/herself to change his/her lifestyle.

If so, KNOW you're being lied to and manipulated. Once we swallow that pill, we can go about the business of creating the kind of world we want. The kind of life we want. Together. Black, white, brown, yellow. Male, female. Young, old. Straight, gay. Rich, poor. Left, right. Religious and non-religious. Get beyond the petty crap and judgments and we will discover we ALL desire to LIVE AND LET LIVE. We ALL desire to have fun, joy, connect, play, laugh, discover, experience, learn. We ALL desire peace. Our needs are all inherently the same. If you get anything out of this piece, it is this sentence above all else.

Paradise. NOW.

It's possible. It's always always always possible.

What do you want?

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