Ethanol Is Not Our Friend, Folks

I noticed on the Corvallis weblogs page that no one had clicked on my previous post on Ethanol. Why not, I wondered? Probably because there are a lot of well-meaning progressives and environmentalist types who have fallen for the ethanol game. And typically, when someone has a differing pov from the left side, you're labeled a republican, conservative or some other "right leaning" label.

There are a lot of flex-fuel vehicles in this little city and so I can understand that folks don't want to give up on their Ethanol usage. However, I ask them to consider the idea that shouldn't we get to choose which fuel we put in our cars? What about those of us who don't have flex fuel cars?

Come on, Corvallis! Do your research on Ethanol. Talk to gas station employees and owners. Talk to your neighbors who have older and old model vehicles. Listen to us as we say our gas mileage has dropped considerably. Hear us when we say our cars run a bit rougher. Then join in and make your voice heard by e-mailing Representative Gelser: rep.saragelser@state.or.us and say you support a Bill that reverses the previous decision to mandate Ethanol and make it what it once was and should be: a choice.

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