Weather Weirdness

Have others noticed the change in the sun's location? In the past year, Mr. N and myself have noticed it is setting more to the north, Mr. N noticing it rising more to the north (I haven't noticed this only because I'm not one to be awake at dawn). I've read some articles the past year or two about a polar shift occuring. This seems to add up to the possibility, the probability, that we have shifted southward. However, given the cooler temps we've been experiencing since last fall, both during the day and at night, the idea of a tilt towards the southern pole just doesn't make sense.

So what else is going on?

How much of this is natural and how much of this is controlled? Chemtrails? Sun cycles? HAARP Technology? Human-caused pollution?

All, I believe, are factors and this global warming/global climate change debate is not focusing on enough variables for our current weather situations. But then again, it's much easier to tax us and control us by saying global climate change has one singular component and that is you and me and the CO2 we put out into the atmosphere so, in turn it is we the people that must make the drastic changes in how we live by guilt-tripping us into giving up our cars and spending double the price for organic foods and buying hybrid cars and installing fluorescent bulbs etc. etc. etc. please feel free to insert the latest guilt trip...all the while focusing the attention away from the biggest polluters and consumers--big biz and the elite--but that's ok--they can buy into that carbon tax b.s. to alleviate their supposed guilt. Not that driving less and buying healthier foods and owning smaller vehicles that consume less fuel and installing more energy efficient things in our home isn't a good thing. It becomes suspicious when it's surrounded by government and business (and all of their sponsored scientists) fanfare and manipulative marketing. Especially when such folks ride around in Limosines and private jets and live in 5-10,000 square foot homes while owning 2 or more "vacation" homes. I mean come on, doesn't their credibility on this issue kind of smack in the face of hypocrisy?

Anyway, I digress...Polar shift is definitely not getting the attention it deserves/needs. All anyone needs to do is pay attention to the sun and hopefully, recall from past years its location in the sky.

Meteorlogical computer models are based on weather patterns that simply do not (seem to) exist anymore, hence, weather forecasting has, overall, become a bit of a joke. As Mr. N likes to joke: "I'd love to have a job that paid me $100,000 a year, where I would have no pressure on me when I messed up time and time again." Today for example, it was supposed to be 80, warmer than yesterday. At noon it was 62. At 5pm, 73.

These folks can't predict 24 hours ahead anymore.

And given meteorologists cannot give a forecast that is authorized by the national meteorlogical (that is a really difficult word for me to type for some reason) association, which is simply a government organization, it will likely take some time before forecast models are updated. After all, they were several years behind in finally acknowledging global climate change. Although quite often, the term that is used today is "really weird, really unusual weather pattern".

Not really. Just the new way that mother nature is behaving. The reasons are likely many, the discussion and debating will go on with the real truth likely getting lost for some time.

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crallspace said...

I've definitely noticed that.

But it's been good thus far for the garden ;-)