Corvallis Residents: Let's Get Ethanol Out Of Our Fuel Supply!

For those of you who believe as I do, who know Ethanol is bad for our wallets in that our fuel mileage is reduced, bad for our cars in that Ethanol has a lower BTU burn rate and clogs up our fuel filters, bad for the environment in that the energy used to create this product is ridiculous, not to mention it does not burn cleaner than regular gasoline, then please contact our local Representative in Salem, Sara Gelser. You can e-mail her at: rep.saragelser@state.or.us and ask her to please reverse the decision that was made in Oregon to mandate the use of Ethanol in our fuel supply. I recently received her newsletter and she is asking her constituents for Bill Ideas. She was quite pro-active when I asked her to pursue legislation banning the use of field burning.

Even if you are undecided on the use of Ethanol but don't like the fact that our choice has been taken away, that this has been forced on us without public vote, please e-mail her.

If you still aren't yet convinced, remember all of the corn crops that have been wiped out recently. Then ask yourself if your pocketbook can take that kind of an additional hit.

I tried finding local stations that are still selling regular unleaded, ethanol-free fuel. I couldn't find any. Stations in Oregon have until September to make the change. And every single gas station employee I have spoken with agree: Ethanol clogs up filters on both vehicles and pumps, which means more frequent filter changes, and reduces fuel mileage.

Someone tell me again why Ethanol was such a spectacular idea??

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