Not much to say lately. Or perhaps the thing to say is lots to talk about, just no real desire to share it. I've shifted focus, away from all of the games of chaos of the world and back to my own inner world. I arrived at this mental state where I thought..."That's their agenda. It's time to work on my own." Actually, it was due to a conversation I had with someone unknown to me that triggered this change.

All of the blogging and reading up on the happenings wears on me if I'm not careful. It's one thing to read about it. It's one thing to talk about it. It's another to carry that emotional state with me throughout the day. There is certainly enough of that fear state. I'm dedicated to ridding myself of that so that I can instead feel and share the true power of who I am.

I'm beginning to think that an informed citizenry isn't enough. An informed and positive citizenry is where the power is. That's self empowerment.


Spiritbear said...

Sometimes we all need to take a break. But you never know who you are affecting when you blog. Your blog always makes me think. It also makes me realize I am not alone in some of my seemingly crazy ideas (like about healthcare, etc).

Please keep blogging. It goes in waves but your blog is appreciated. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

Thank you very much for your kind thoughts. They really did touch me. It always feels good to be appreciated!

Maybe I've just run out of steam, talking about the same things over and over again. I know what I don't like. I know what I want to see changed. So for now, I'm changing focus, primarily for myself. I don't know if it's so much a break, likely more of a re-directing of my focus.