Check out this beautiful video and pass it around. Put the humanity of yet another innocent civilian population being targeted for war into the hearts, eyes and ears of every single individual.
As the warlords beat the perpetual war drum against Iran, it is we the people who must write our representatives and make it clear: You authorize a strike against Iran and you're out. Fired. Done. There's the door, don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out. Finished. Period.

We must make it clear. You fucked up with Iraq. Do the same with Iran and your career is over.

It's time to grow up. Grow the fucking hell up and stop this insane, endless chanting we do as a society that says we know what's best. For all of the bullshit cries of "Freedom" are just that--bullshit. How can we possibly claim to support freedom when we impose our will on other nations?? Nations have the right to nuclear technology. They have the right to run their nation as they see fit in so long as they aren't imposing their will on other nations.

No, we don't support freedom because we don't have it, we don't understand it, we don't even know how to live it here in America. We impose our will on one another constantly. Straights want the gays back in the closet. Libs want the Repubs to shut up and conform to their way. Repubs want the libs to shut up and conform to their way. Religious folks want the non-religious to repent and convert. The non-religious folks want the religious folks to shut the fuck up with their religious views. Smokers want the right to smoke wherever they want. Non-smokers want the smokers to go away all together. Us vs. them. Fight fight fight. Yell, scream, insult. All of this energy expended and NOTHING gets accomplished in the process. Well, nothing positive that is. Insults and attacks. That's what we do. And I'm sick of it. Sick of reading god damn blogs that do nothing but that. Sick of seeing this shit on the news. Sick of seeing it in movies and on tv shows disguised as entertainment. Sick of seeing it in my own personal life. Live and let live already! All of this fighting and insulting and criticizing doesn't solve a damn thing. It tears apart any possibility of a free country. And what gets ignored are basic, authentic human needs--needs which we all share.

No, freedom isn't in this country. It isn't anywhere that I can see. Just like peace, it starts with us, in our own hearts, our own actions. As Americans, we need to understand freedom for what it is and live it. Until we get that, we need to shut the hell up about spreading freedom to other nations. That's right. SHUT THE HELL UP AMERICA. And listen to the words of Peacetrain. Get it. Incorporate it into the psyche, the heart, the soul, the mind. See the pictures of people just like you and I, same needs, same desires, who simply want to live in peace and be left alone. Can we do that? For once, can we just admit our control issues like enlightened beings do and instead of attacking someone because we want something they possess, whatever that is, because we disapprove of someone's actions or beliefs even though they are causing us no harm, etc. etc.....can we just STOP doing this and walk away? Look inward? I know we can do it!

What kind of a planet will this be to reside on, above ground or under ground, if we continue to poison the soil, the air, the plant life with war? What kind of a planet will this be to reside on, above ground or under ground, if we continue to poison one another with our insults and criticisms and judgments?

Peacetrain. Get on it. Now. And try out this experiment. Next time someone is attacking you, criticizing you, give 'em a hug. Or just smile and send them a blessing. And don't forget to do the same for yourself when you criticize yourself. For that's where this all starts--with ourselves. And when we stop criticizing ourselves, the desire to criticize others fades away.

heh. And I thought I had nothing to say lately. :)

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