In The Garden

Doesn't this picture calm you?
Yesterday I planted some new flowers to replace the ones that are done for the year. Don't ask me the names. I've since forgotten. I've never been one to pay attention to such things. I just pick what looks pretty and smells sweet. Anyway, so in the middle of my planting, this beautiful butterfly began flying all around me. It would then land on this group of dianthus (ok, so I know the name of this particular flower in my yard). Let me tell you, this beautiful creature was really digging this particular flower. It kept flying off only to return moments later. This went on for several minutes. As a result, I was able to snap several shots. One of the flowers I planted is said to attract hummingbirds. I've noticed the occasional hummingbird fly by, so I'm hoping this plant will help draw them to the yard and ensure they will stick around for awhile. Again, don't know the name. It has small, deep purple bell-shaped flowers and prefers the shade.

Our tomatoes are taking off, with the one early plant showing signs of about a dozen little fruits. The beans were looking fairly small, that is until I learned our particular variety only grow to a little over a foot in height, which means they're doing just fine. Two of the plants are producing beans. I counted today and came up with 7 beans. Enough for half a person, one meal, I figured. The sunflower plants are looking amazing and seem to double in size each week. I've already had several harvests from our salad mix. I think the neighbors are getting tired of me knocking on their door and saying "pleasssse take these!" I had my first basil harvest over the weekend and opted to freeze them.
Today, while out and about, I silently blessed each person I encountered. Felt wonderful. I read where one of the best ways of loving oneself and then loving others is to stop criticizing everyone, ourselves included. It's one of those phrases that caught my attention and has stayed with me. I think it's doable. And necessary if my desire is peace for myself and for all. I'm still not sure how to apply that to the Hitler's of the world, so for now, I'm keeping the concept small and simple. Some day, I'll be able to bless such folks and really mean it.


nolocontendere said...

Very pretty!
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Anonymous said...

Yes it is verrrrryyy calming,i too like butterflys.MR.N