Plethora of Ponderings

This should tide any readers over for awhile. In no random order, the following are thoughts that have run through my mind the past week or two.

*There was a bit of blogging activity on the celebration of the 4th of July. Some opted to celebrate, others not. To me it's about choice. What good does it do to insult and/or criticize those who opt to celebrate or opt not to? I happen to like watching fireworks--the illegal kind that is. I don't care what the day is. There are so many things that are done daily that harm the planet. Those are more important to focus on, in my opinion. Reminds me of that saying: Choose your battles wisely. And despite knowing what's going on around the world and the ugly things being done in this country's name, well no, let me rephrase that--the ugly things being done in this government's name, I still opted to recognize the day. I focused on the world I'd like to see. I spent a lot of the day talking and hanging out with neighbors. I figure I put out more positive energy that way than if I were to have spent the day pissed off and depressed.

*I certainly wish employers would raise their wages to reflect the 25% plus jumps in food and energy.

*I had a discussion with someone who thought inflation was hovering around 2-3%. When I explained the myriad of methods the government uses to determine these rates, and that the one used today does not include food and energy...that the real inflation is at or above 10%... well let's just say I helped open up a few channels. And I did it calmly and respectfully, just presented the facts as I knew them and left them to decide for themselves.

*Speaking of, we need more of that. We need more respect and less criticism. We need to honor the journey's each of us are on. We need to be very careful about sharing and make sure we aren't imposing our will on others. So much of what we think is based on our experiences and our perceptions of said experiences. For example, I never gave thought to poverty until I lived it. Now I'm ready to give thought to wealth. :)

*Some say the economy's going to crash. It may and it may not. It is certainly in a huge state of flux due to a variety of factors, many of them of the controlled kind. Doom and gloom are everywhere it seems. However, we have power. We can rely on one another. We can barter if the dollar collapses. We can use our skills to trade services. We can pool resources and live in communes if need be. I guess what I'm saying is that WE CAN BE OK. No matter what THEIR agenda is, never let that cloud YOURS. Let's start living from love. Today.

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