It's My Belly and I'll Show It If I Want To. Or "I Show, I Glow".

While taking a walk today, I decided to lift up the lower portion of my shirt, thus exposing my belly. It's been a bit mild here lately. And being one of the side-effects of pregnancy is increased body temperature (to which I can only say thank the cosmos I will not be pregnant during summer), as well as the urge to be naked, I suddenly felt the urge to expose my bulging belly to the elements.

I certainly was not doing this for all to see, however, as Mr. N seemed to imply when he shook his head, smiled and told me others may find offense at such a gesture and I should be prepared for that.

While I may be temporarily losing some of my ability to walk without waddling a bit at times, I still have the full function of my middle fingers, which is what I told him I would be saluting anyone with if they decided to approach me outloud with such a ridiculous judgment.

It isn't like overweight men are criticized when they expose their bulging bellies. While many may cringe, few, if any, would ever think of saying anything. And besides, a pregnant woman's belly is beautiful. An overweight man's belly is simply fat.

(gasp) Alert! Alert! A pregnant female has exposed her belly in public!

Aahh, did it feel good. And in a way, I believe my little growing one was also behind this ever-growing desire. She's already hidden snugly and safely in her little cave. I must believe, I do believe, she feels the effects of the sun and daylight when mama's belly is exposed.

After I made the remark about my middle finger (which brought forth another smile on his face--the kind I know well--the kind that says "that's my lady"), I finished the conversation by saying he best be prepared for more to come, for once springtime hits, I plan on wearing baggy shorts and comfy tank tops, pushed up to just the right location, thus allowing that warm, bountiful, life-giving energy of the sun to shine upon me and the little one.

A more beautiful, meaningful representation of spring, of new life, I cannot imagine.


Anonymous said...

the 8th month is worse than the 9th


unhumble on mondaze

Devin said...

I love it Nina!!
I don't think there is anything more beautiful in this trampled down -unfair and many times insane world we live in than motherhood!!!!
Let the Creator of all that is good and kind bless this baby and your family in the New Year!!
best to you as always!!

nolocontendere said...

I can tell you're going to be one of those uppity public breastfeeders, young lady!
Why, if God had wanted women to do something like THAT he would have given them...um
Never mind.

Nina said...

i got boobs and i ain't afraid to uh expose 'em.

thank you for the blessings, devin. :)

i know the baby drops during the last few weeks, making the heartburn and discomfort less of an issue. maybe that's why you experienced the 9th month relief, anon.