Corvallis Housing Market: Ninth Most Overvalued In The Nation

Joining our elitist little city on that list, also from Oregon, includes Portland, Salem, Eugene and Bend.

So let us break this down.  We have one of the highest unemployment rates.  One of the highest rates for poverty and hunger.  And yet, real estate continues to be grossly inflated, where a quarter of a million dollars may get you a piece-of-crap little shack.

People want to move and live here again why?

I know someone in real estate in this area and when I asked how, given the high unemployment and utter lack of living wage jobs in this community, who on earth is buying the homes in our area?  Her answer:  "Investors."

Once again, rich, elitist, greedy, self-focused only folks continue to turn this state, this country, into a 3rd World nation.  Caring for absolutely no one but themselves, thinking of no time other than the present, with absolutely no care for their actions and the effects on others, most especially the suffering - the victims of their living/buying/spending habits, I believe a revolution is in order.  They've been feeding off the poor and vulnerable long enough.  Time for them to return to their psycho mothership from whence they cometh and zap them into the universal cosmos where they can play out eternity (or at least 50 years earth time - that should suffice) experiencing the results of their G R E E D. 

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