Jay Leno: Too Big To Fail?

I gotta tell ya, following this whole Jay Leno debacle has me thinking of the term banking executives and government officials were saying about the need to bailout the banks, claiming they were "Too Big To Fail".

Jay Leno (and company) weren't able to maintain his edge during his new show's 10pm line-up, and instead of admitting defeat like legitimate folks in the world of business (yes, including folks in the entertainment business), he's allowing the television execs to make him look like an absolute ass by removing Conan O'Brien (who, in my opinion, is a far more talented comic) from Leno's former spot on The Tonight Show so that Leno can have the former time slot, albeit it at half the running time.

Excuse me, but isn't anybody thinking "Ok, you took a risk. And the whole thing failed. Admit defeat and walk away. And for all that is good, leave O'Brien where he is. He earned it."

You know, BE AN ADULT. BE A MAN. Do what's respectful and responsible.

While Leno's entire persona has been leaving bitter tastes in my mouth for some time, from his blatant sexual/lewd gazes he casts upon some of his sexier (and often quite younger) female guests to his "lookit me mr. 800 million dollar man who is such a humanitarian by giving a homeless guy iIsee on my way into work each day a whole dollar" (while common folks grounded in reality say "oh yes such a wonderful gesture must be sooo difficult to cough up a whole DOLLAR") to his recent displays where he has shown utter disregard and gross detachment from the current economic realities where he has insulted folks (of the male gender) who must work at Walmart and the like, and/or move in/live with their parents, implying who on earth would even think of dating such a "loser"...where was I? Oh yes, while his persona, not to mention his lack of authentic talent as a comedian doesn't put me in his "fan" category, this latest has me thinking even less of him as a person.

His attitude (or certainly his agreeance with studio execs) of "Too Big To Fail" is disgusting. It is every bit as arrogant as those of the banks.

Nope. Sorry Leno, but you are not too big to fail. And I can only hope that enough Americans are fed the farm fuck up with this gross sense of entitlement elitists think they somehow are, well, entitled to. I can only hope even less people will tune in and watch program in that new time slot. I can only hope that as you pass by that homeless man each day, some of that man's humble reality will seep into your heart and soul, give you a good mental ass-kicking and remind you that you are no better than/worthy of/entitled to than anyone else and that, perhaps, the gracious thing to have done would have been to allow Conan O'Brien to continue on with his journey he (and his staff) were creating, to give back to him what you have allowed to be taken so greedily away from him. Yes, the decent thing to do would have been to walk away, quietly. With grace.

That, in and of itself, will earn you oh so many more accolades, the kind that really count, than the extra views your new time slot and show (may) bring you.


Julie said...

The whole thing is just one big mess. Thank gawd I don't watch any of those shows so it's not messing with my late night. To tell the truth, I'm usually asleep by nine pm.

Devin said...

You do the most wonderful "angry" posts Nina!!
I come off sounding like a ranting lunatic when i do them!!
couldn't agree more about Leno-he is the effin loser-not funny at all-I enjoy how you "dovetail" what you post about with other topics ie-the "too big to fail" syndrome which is of course bullshit!!
when "small" people fail they get to live on the streets in some cases-when these big aholes fail they get a golden parachute -or do some "pussy" thing like Leno!!
all the best in the world to you and yours my friend!!

Nina said...

i don't watch anything after 11pm, except maybe the local news for the weather so i'm not a late night talk show viewer. actually, since being pregnant, i have many nights where, by 8pm, i'm ready for bed!

you are so right devin--when us regular folks "fail" we don't have that golden parachute to prop us back up again. there are resources to help of course but we're pretty much left to our own skills to get us into a position where we once were.

i hope that made sense. i'm exhausted today! thanks for commenting you two. :)