State of the Union: Or, Let Us All Get Drunk

With all of the hoopla swirling around tonight's Presidential State of the Union Address, including fans of the popular television show "Lost" expressing their concern that the Address would interrupt the season premier, which prompted White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to announce:
"I don't foresee a scenario in which the millions of people who hope to see a conclusion to 'Lost' are pre-empted by the president," during his daily press briefing, I thought I would reach out to the jaded American Voter who would prefer to find some enjoyment in what is likely going to be a speech crafted to try and convince the masses that all is well on Main Street. I can't take credit for this idea. That belongs to a couple of college kids who came up with this little game back in 2002. The game?

Take a shot of alcohol when certain key phrases are used during the speech.

"Invented in 2002 by Marc Melzer and Howard Deutsch when they were final-year students at Princeton University, the basic rules of the game require players to down a shot or chug a beer when the president says certain words or phrases, or speaks the names of people or countries during the speech. This year, "hope" and "change" both require a swig of something, as do mentions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran or Pakistan. "Let me be clear" and "make no mistake" get a shot each, and if Obama references problems that his administration inherited, players drink a shot of something aged -- which is also the drinking requirement if the cameras show a shot of 92-year-old Senator Robert Byrd."

Leave it to the youth of this country to find yet another way to get drunk. I only wish included in the rules was the taking of a shot when a lie is spoken.

That would most certainly guarantee a young person intoxication within a 10 minute period of time.


Anonymous said...

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Nina said...

you been drinkin' yerself, anon?