Bill and Melinda Gates: "Save The Children. Jab Them With Needles Full Of Toxic Vaccines."

Bill and Melinda Gates have vowed to donate in excess of $10 billion over the next decade in order to ensure 90% of the world's children are protected from such diseases as pneumonia and (no, I am not making this one up), diarrhea.

If this weren't such a serious issue with such huge ramifications, I would be laughing after reading through the above-referenced article.  Here are a few of the tidbits:

"Vaccines are a miracle," said Melinda Gates. "With just a few doses, they can prevent deadly diseases for a lifetime." ...

The Gates statement said the foundation would help to dramatically reduce child mortality in the next 10 years and urged others to pitch in with research funding and other financial support for poor children. ...

Vaccines are usually an effective way to spend money to improve public health, because they can even be delivered in poor countries lacking functioning health systems.

Ad nauseum.  Can anyone say "System Puppet Speak?" 

Really, if the elitists of the world truly wanted to reduce and eliminate childhood infectious disease, all they would have to do is use their capital and invest it in CLEAN SANITATION SYSTEMS AND HEALTHY DRINKING WATER.  It is these two things alone, combined WITH using such systems to keep oneself and ones home properly bathed/cleansed, that has been shown unequivocably to reduce and eliminate infectious disease. 

If Bill Gates can build an empire, certainly he can do what this humble little woman has done:  Research, research and research some more the wealth of information about vaccines. 

I will end this by saying to keep an eye out on these third world nations and their children, who will likely be the main targets of this global campaign.  Watch the new diseases and conditions that will begin to pop up amongst these beautiful innocent children, all while the system will slowly yet surely convince the masses that these new diseases are now just the norm. 

I guarantee it. 

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