Bankrupties Jump 32%

And this news is surprising?

But, wait. I thought the economy was recovering. Silly me.

Read my lips. We're in a depression. A manufactured god damn depression. Any other POV is worthless and without merit. But as long as there's you and me, there is hope. As long as we have our minds and can use them to create, we can form our own means if self-sufficiency. But good lord it ain't gonna happen as long as we isolate ourselves or continue to hold onto the illusion that things will just fix themselves. Or worse yet, we desire a return of how things were.

As Mr. N says, tear it all down and start over again with new ideas. The old didn't work for all. Never did. Let's only be open to things that work for ALL where ALL benefit.

Or is that all just a POV that is worthless anymore, too?

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