Did You Know...

*Did you know that I am not the only brilliant mind on the planet? Apparently there are other people who are also using the banking industry term "too big to fail" when it comes to the attitude of NBC and Jay Leno.

*Did you know that certain mountains in Cali now have more snow than certain mountains in the Northwest?

*Did you know that miracles can happen, sometimes even after 30 years of waiting?

*Did you know that the body does indeed have some switch that, when overly tired, kicks in and puts you to sleep regardless of where you are and how you are physically situated?

*Did you know that being pregnant is sometimes like being a puppy or a small child in that you eat a lot and play hard all day only to crash and burn by 7pm?

*Did you know that doing the hokie pokie really is what it's all about?

*Did you know that swearing when in pain has now been shown to be effective in reducing the pain?

*Did you know that concentrated hemp oil (not the hemp seed oil found in stores) has been shown to cure cancer?

*Did you know that it is, right now, 8:28pm on a Saturday evening, the skies are clear, the air smells like a mix of cool creek water, moss and wood smoke, my dog is sleeping and my spouse is running the kitchen sink?

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