Life Happenings Update

You may have noticed a couple of new things about this blog:

*One, I have some rather large fonts (which as I glance at them are a bit annoying so I will have to make it a point to fix that) off to the right, appearing as ads or ads-to-be. I have signed up with AdSense and I am awaiting authorization to begin the program and begin collecting my millions. It is one of a few things I am doing to bring in money.

*Two, I have added a PayPal donate button. It rather sucks doing that and I feel a bit awkward in sticking out my hand and saying "please may I have some of your money" but being my life is no longer just about me and Mr. Nina but about me, Mr. N and the little one, I'm putting aside all sense of embarassment and pride. Mr. N is without health insurance and is in need of medical procedures if he is to hold down any sort of employment, which given this little baby is due to arrive in a few months, needs to happen soon. At this point, we're just biting the bullet and getting things taken care of, one at a time, in the hopes we receive financial assistance through the hospital, or that his name be drawn in the OHP lottery (so that he may register with the state health plan, which currently there is a waiting list and thus, the state is doing lottery draws every month or so) or that we come into that kind of cash...somehow...someway.

This situation brings to mind the heartfelt, inspiring, and what seemed to be a bit spontaneous of a speech delivered by Keith Olbermann last year about the health care fiasco in this nation. He summed it up brilliantly and eloquently by saying that simply because he (Keith) makes a very good income, which allows him (and anyone in his family) to receive the best medical care around, that such a situation makes him no more worthy than anyone else, regardless of that persons financial status/situation, of having access to health care. In a nutshell, no one should ever ever ever have to put off medical treatment simply because they lack the financial means to pay for it. At the time I applauded him. Today, it has taken on a much more significant meaning.

The little one is 6 months and making herself felt throughout the day. Aside from the financial pressure/concerns, all is well. Thank you, as always, for reading.

Mama-to-be Nina and family

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