Sarah Palin Ain't Got A Thing On Me

So ok. I've now had enough people tell me I look like Sarah Palin to look into this further. As I mentioned on my pregnancy blog, any physical similarities end there. Well ok, unless you don't count for her love of the outdoors and her ability to hunt and gather her own food. Well, again, ok, so I've never shot an animal for food. I've caught a lot of fish though and I have no doubt if hunger were an issue, I wouldn't blink an eye at shooting a wild pig or deer. Well, again, ok I would blink an eye once or twice until the pains of hunger kicked in and took over. Then there's the idea that we've both been pregnant in our, (ahem) more mature years. Only I'm actually showing. Very much so. More each day. Trust me.

I've had people say "Your hair looks like that Sarah Palin's hair" and "Hmm something about you just looks like Sarah Palin." The truth is, she has MY hair and she looks like ME.

Not the other way around.

Aside from that, how different we are.

*I believe in a woman's right to choose at all times, not just when it's convenient.

*I could never ever ever kill a wolf unless it was about to kill my dog, child (mine or any other's), my spouse or someone else I cared for.

*Good lord I could never vote Republican.

*I believe Canada's Health Care System kicks ass over America's.

*Along those lines I don't believe in visiting another country and telling them to adapt some business standard of America's.

*If I wrote a book about my life, it would take a good 2-3 years. I'd also write it myself.

*If I flub up what I'm saying I don't toss out silly phrases like "oh gosh darn golly". I get to the point. "Crap, I'm sorry, let me say that again," is more my style.

*More Oil? Hell no. Hemp is best. Oh how it is best.

*I don't dye my hair. (cheap jab)

*Joe Six-Pack? That's the best example her camp could come up with to best portray America? Some simpleton carrying around a watered-down cheap six-pack of beer? At the very least I would have given him a good micro-brew and perhaps a chaser of good Scotch. And a name like Albert or Jeremiah. Yeah. Jeremiah "Amber Ale". Tokin' on a stogie while reading Aristotle, his partner Andrea "Rogue River Valley Chablis, 1997", with her head slightly tilted, reading glasses resting gently in the neck of her handmade hemp gauzy top, pondering real solutions to end poverty.

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