Montsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure

Not surprising. When I first heard of these folks back in 2000, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I knew this was a company intended on taking over the food supply (already happening), who had no regard for the health of the consumer (already been shown) and will be allowed to have their global health destruction monopoly continue on while the FDA et al stand by and let them (that's what's been goin' on). At the time I shared my thoughts with a co-worker, who thought I was completely over-reacting. I wonder what he thinks today...

On the same day I read the above linked piece, I read another article on GMO foods and how to avoid buying them. Since food manufacturer's still aren't required to label their foods as such (which is insane in and of itself), there are things you can do to avoid this crap if you so choose.

1) Buy organic.
2) Buy foods labeled non-gmo.
3) Avoid or at least greatly reduce processed food items.
4) Watch foods that contain corn and soy products. Unless labeled as non-gmo or organic, odds are they have been genetically modified.

(I would also suggest writing food manufacturer's whose products you otherwise want to buy but who either don't label their food items or use GM ingredients and make it clear to them that unless they stop using GM ingredients, you're switching brands.)

The most popular food items that have been genetically modified are corn and soy products. I also read where papaya from Hawaii (non-organic), zucchini and crooked neck squash are also now being grown with genetically modified seeds. You can add potatoes to that list as well.

I read this could be turned around if 14 million people here in the States would stop buying GMO products altogether. I'm not sure if that's nearly enough people, but it's worth a try. I would also suggest people write food manufacturer's whose products they otherwise wish to buy but who either don't label their food items or who use GM ingredients and make it clear that unless they stop using GM ingredients, you will be switching brands. I would also suggest people create Truth In Labeling Legislation in their respective states.

Doesn't the whole thing sound sinister to you? That's because it is. Whenever humanity attempts to mess around with genetics, with the DNA of any life form, whether for benevolent or malevolent purposes, the results are never good.

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