Guess Baby's Gender

Anyone care to guess the little one's gender? We don't know if the little one is a boy or a girl and won't until delivery, but our intuition has consistently and strongly said "girl". We already have a name picked out as well as a room theme, which means if "she" turns out to be a "he" we're going to be scrambling for a name and swapping out the elves and fairy theme for, well, something else. Although the fantasy theme can be very beautiful for girls and boys.

Appetite update: I can now eat 2 eggs, 4 links of sausage, a bowl of oatmeal, an 8 oz glass of juice, half an orange and a banana for breakfast. I can eat 3 small lunches, 1 dinner and 1 snack after that. Then I can start all over again in the morning. If I eat light for just one day, the next day I make up for it by essentially eating on the hour every hour. It's rather unreal--and I will admit, very enjoyable. Then when I'm done I plop on the couch, sit like a guy, expose my belly and belch. Mr. N gets a big kick out of all of this.

Movement update: She seems to be active around 10pm (I've felt her several times in the past few minutes) and 6am. I'm likely too busy during the day to feel much, given at this point, her movements feel more like little butterfly strokes against my belly. It's so dang beautiful!

MY movement update: Today I noticed, when bent over to pick out some tissue from a bottom shelf at the local store, I had to struggle a wee bit to stand back up. And make a grunting noise. Sometimes when getting out of bed the past couple of weeks I've noticed I have to push off from the bed. The term "heave ho sailor!" goes through my mind.

I feel great love for this little being already and cannot imagine what the feeling will be like once she's decided to make her way out of my uterus and into my/our arms. Pregnancy has the potential to draw you closer to your partner and let me tell you, this has certainly been our experience. I feel this strong bond, this unity for the threesome we are creating. It's pretty wild how such things can magically create themselves within you, almost through no conscious action on your part.

Bottom line, as Mr. N and I have been saying more and more of lately: Why Did We Wait So Long For This?

Of course most will say the real work has yet to begin. And I agree with that. However, like the line from that awesome movie, How To Make An American Quilt, I am betting on the love we have for one another to see us through the journey.

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Julie said...

I suppose that I would have to see your belly to see how you are carrying the baby. My daughter had her baby last May and they are living with us at the moment. By watching her and remembering what I went through, your journey has definately just begun. You and Mr. N are going to love it....