Common Sense Legislation/A World With No Money?

On track for the November 2012 ballot.  Heck yeah, I say.  Heck yeah!
And for those of you who are fed the farmville hell up with the monetary-based system, check out the Zeitgeist Movement (google it).  Proposed is a beautiful system that is free of money.  Imagine it people.  I know you can. 

Been a long time since I blogged.  My days are spent in a daze keeping up with and caring for the toddler-in-becoming.  I love being a mama.  More than I ever imagined.  However, even though in some ways I am more patient and open, in other ways I am less patient.  My disdain for the horrors of our world has only deepened as I now have more reason to care about our planet and its future.  I don't have the patience for obvious stupidity and obvious callousness and obvious disregard for life.  Call me the mad mama on a mission. 

As papa bear says, don't poke the mama bear. 

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nolocontendere said...

Gosh darn!
Lotso diapers?