...is a Cream Cheese filled Chocolate Eclair made by the awesome kitchen staff at the Co-Op. One bite and you know you have found heaven on earth. A tongue-gasm if you will.

Seriously these things are SO FRIGGING WONDERFUL! The ingredients are pure. Dark organic chocolate. Real organic cream cheese filling. Instead of 58 ingredients (of mostly chemical garbage and unnecessaries) for a simple pastry you have 7 or 8. Mr. N recently picked up a package (they come in packages of 2). It was a rather funny trip. He picked up the eclairs, potato chips and a snack mix he found in bulk. Me? Mango's, bananas, salad greens and organic apple juice. On the way home I said I bring the healthy light of food into his life and he brings the sweet dark temptation of food into mine.

A rather nice balance.

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