State Of The Economy

Media outlets are coming up with all sorts of little slogans and cutsie phrases to hide from the dismal reality of our current economic "crisis" (put in quotes because hey, it has been manufactured/created to fall apart).

Here's just a few of their little catch-all phrases.

*Deep recession.

*Lingering recession.

*A recession not seen since___ (fill in with the date of your choice--that date changes depending upon who you're watching)

And my personal favorite:

*Our New Economy (meaning this is how it's gonna be for a long time folks so get used to it)

I'd like to include my own little phrases now:


*A sewer drain of shit to oblivion.

*Take The Money And Run

*Highway To Hell

*Dazed and Confused

Care to add your own? Please feel free to do so. Work off a little frustration while you're at it. The most creative (as I deem so) will take home a jackpot of $1,000,000 paid for by Bank of America's top Executives.


The Intellectual Redneck said...

The Postmaster General is trying to scare Congress. He is threatening a mail delivery cut. He said the mail delivery may be cut by one day a week. The Post Office threatens mail delivery cut

Nina said...

So I heard. Thank you for the heads-up though for others who may not have heard.