In The Words of John Lennon

While reading another blog post about the System of Control (my words) and breaking free from it, "Instant Karma" came on my walkman. Yes, I said my walkman. I don't own an IPOD. Nor do I own a Blackberry (it was weeks before I even ventured to determine just what that was--and I'm still not actually sure just what it is and what it does but that's ok I don't wish to know). And as some of my more long-term readers know, I also do not own a cell phone. About the only new high-techie stuff we own is my digital keyboard and our high def television. If Mr. N would let me, I'd trade that in for the older versions of the 1960's and 70's that weren't made from cheap plastic.

So I digress.

John was singing and suddenly I felt my entire body begin to "pop". When I feel I am in tune with that other dimension and when I am in tune with my truest form, I "pop". I feel tingly all over, sort of like having that sensation we had as kids when we would eat pop rocks. Only this doesn't make your jaw ache. I know when I experience this, I am to just stop whatever I am doing and beeeeeeee.

I have a feeling the energy that was/is John is going a bit nuts. Get the message! Get the message! I felt. You're all connected. We're all connected. We go on forever. We're amazing beings with equally amazing potential. Wake up to that knowing. This change can happen now. This knowing can happen in an instant. The struggle is in remembering.

I believe the desire to love is stronger than the desire to fear and hate. I believe there are oh so many more of us who authentically desire love.

Let the crazymakers do as they will.

Give love. Ask for love. Receive it. Look for it. It will find you.

I think that's my "get it" message for today. Love will find it's way to you. To me.

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Devin said...

Nina-I do love you like a sister-thanks so much for supporting me at MFM-for awhile there i thought computer might be down permanently-but even if this happens i hope you and others will continue to comment-I will try to blog from other places when i can if this happens and i will respond to all comments eventually-hopefully it is not a long term prob-peace and best to you and these were beautiful thoughts!