Christian Movement Creates Another Stranglehold On The Nation And Our Constitution.

That's it. Insanity has officially wiped out what's left of sanity...

Taken from "Reader's Digest":

"Texas legislators have cleared the way for schools to teach-not preach-the bible, especially how it has influenced art, literature and history. By fall of 2009, all Texas high schools must [you read that correctly peeps- must] teach a Bible-based curriculum in English or social studies courses or in a separate elective. Since that state holds sway over many textbook publishers, look for the trend to spread nationwide."

Obvious points:

1) This is blatantly, glaringly unconstitutional. Separation of church and state. P E R I O D

2) Interesting choice of words: "teach" rather than "not preach". Like hell. This opens the box wide open for teachers TO preach. And I want to know who is going to be in those classrooms to ensure there is no preaching. ?? Who determines what is teaching and what is preaching? Too damn fuzzy of an area to even be considered an acceptable part of a curriculum. (Of course the obvious states this has been a planned agenda to further create tensions between Muslims and Christians. Keep the brainwashing going to help serve the Agenda.)

3) Another interesting choice of words. "Must". Fucking draconian bullshit.

4) "Look for the trend to spread nationwide." Sigh. Just one more reason to get the farm fuck out of this country. It isn't America, land of opportunity anymore. It's the land of opportunists who have used and abused the laws, the constitution and the people, most particularly at the bottom, laughing their way to the banks, both on and off-shore.

Look for protests, most particularly out west and on the eastern seaboard, if this does indeed become a nationwide trend. And of course look for court challenges as well. I'm sure Bushie boy is tickled pink and thanking the twisted "gods" who speak to his brain and told him to nominate right leaning conservative justices.


tkn said...

I don't think this will get very far. I definitely see court cases in the offing and the ACLU will get involved. I'm not worried.

Devin said...

Nina-this was a great post as always! i am going around telling online friends i am having net connection probs lately-i hope they clear up-if they dont i will still be around (hopefully:-)-just not as much-best to you as always!

Nina said...

yeah, i doubt it will get far either w/o court challenges. however, given the on-going dismantling of the constitution, it would also not surprise me to see this stick.