Kip Schoning and Bula Enterprises: The Fall Of An Empire

A continuation of justice for so many taken advantage of by these folks.

I haven't posted about these people for many moons. I originally decided to do so after reading numerous person's accounts of deplorable living conditions while renting from the Bula Enterprise couple. I had already spoken with the local City Housing Representative on a whim who could only say "the stories I could tell you" about these people. Having looked at a few of the Red Door properties ourselves and being horrified at what we found, I decided what the hey. Write up a little piece about them. Encourage those speaking to speak louder, those who weren't yet speaking to do so.

The talk continued to increase in loudness and in numbers.

To this day, I still receive regular hits on my blog by people around the globe (you read that right--around the globe) from folks googling "Kip Schoning".

Hats off to Bennett Hall for sharing the stories of the renters and for exposing the community to the business practices (lack thereof) of Bula Enterprises and Kip Schoning.

Sometimes speaking up loudly and continuously does render some justice. YAHOO!!


Devin said...

Always fascinating information on your blog Nina! I am so glad you do such a great job with things like this and other subjects-I find I do not just agree with you 90 or 95 percent of the time-but I would say closer to a 100 percent! best to you as always!

Nina said...

lol close to 100% huh? wow. about the only other person to say such a thing would be mr. nina. and i think he says that only cause he's scared of disagreeing with me. ;) (jk)

seriously though, thank you for your support. and if you ever do disagree with me let me know. sometimes i come across as a know-it-all, but in my heart i know i'm still awakening, still really going by opinion and, as i try to do, remain open to having that opinion change.