Sometimes I wonder...

I saw a little baby in the store today. Male. Probably 3-4 months old. Beautiful. Precious. Inquisitive.


Everything in me wanted to hold it. Give me something.........SOMETHING innocent and not yet corrupt to hold. Let me drink in that pure energy. Let me bask in it. My heart, my soul, needs it oh so desperately.

Then something made me ask: Why did this soul come here?

Then I also had the follow up thought: Why on earth would anyone bring another child into this world?

Probably because of that little quirk within us all called "hope". Hope that little baby will remember his true nature and will help continue the trend to wake up the masses. Hope that maybe by bringing into this world a bit of light that will put yet another dent in some of that darkness.

I don't know. I can only hope that child doesn't have to experience that slap-in-the-face "sorry idealism and new ideas are out tow the line or else" bullshit so many of us have experienced far too often. Or if he does, I hope he has a solid support system around him to offer a safe place during such times.

Or maybe his parents have their heads in the sand and think the system is just grand because they've found a way to make it and they own that little home in the subarbs and have good paying jobs and have health insurance and all of that crap and as such maybe they'll just spit out another puppet.

I hope not.

But sometimes I wonder...


Devin said...

Nina-I so enjoy your Musings and Observations! I had a post similar in the way I was thinking to yours the other day but it was while i was watching a group of schoolchildren get out of a bus-i wondered-what kind of world are we leaving for them? what will their lives be like? Thanks as always Nina -great thoughts and I love your blog!

Nina said...

thanks, devin. :) how interesting we were thinking similar thoughts--as brought about by observing children.

thank you for reading and for being supportive w/your comments. it means much to me. i don't receive a lot of comments and have very few regular readers...sometimes i let it get me down to where i question whether to continue blogging.

do you remember the tv show "all in the family"? i remember watching an episode as a little girl. son-in-law mike was showing resistance to bringing a child in the world. he said something like "who on earth would think to bring a child into the world in today's climate?" i remember how shocked and confused i felt. the world felt pretty wonderful to me. full of possibilities. i couldn't understand why any adult would ever think much less speak such a thought.

and here i am, 30 plus years later, thinking the same thought. kind of sobering.

i am choosing to side with hope.

Pugs in Space said...

Ay I read and post comments! Ay! ;)

Nina said...

he he pugs my friend. yes u do and i appreciate. :) i'll announce it for you ok? PUGS READS AND COMMENTS LOTS ON MY BLOG EVERYBODYYYYYY!


just feeling whiney baby cuz i dun't get more.