Joe The Plumber Becomes Joe The War Correspondent

Well folks, just when we thought life on this planet couldn't get any more insane, it has. Samuel Wurzelbacher (aka Joe The Plumber) has been hired by a website media outlet (conservative outlet pjtv.com) as a War Correspondent over in Israel.

So let me get this straight. Let me understand what is required for this job.

Journalism experience?


Knowledge of Foreign Policy?


Knowledge of the history of the region you will be covering?


Know how to fix a leaky toilet?


I first heard about this last night on The Daily Show. When asked if he fears for his safety, Joe had a brilliant answer (paraphrased):

"As a Christian, I know God will be on my side."

As Jon Stewart (jokingly) said (paraphrased): "Hey Joe, make sure you say that a LOT when you're over in the area."

What's next?

Joe Six-Pack to become White House Press Secretary?

Jane Soccer Mom, wife of Joe Six-Pack, to become UN Ambassador to Pakistan?

Susie and Johnnie, daughter and son of Jane and Joe, to become House Minority Leaders?



Devin said...

Nina-it is things like this that cause what i call my 'matrix moments'-some of the things that have happened in recent years seem to bizarre to be real! I hope you are doing well and thanks so much for keeping this stuff up to date-i am so behind on 'news' type stuff it is crazy-I am usually on top of every little thing-but because of work i am doing for not just the one-but now the other blog i am behind-don't get me wrong I love what I am doing-but I need to pay more attention to this freaking insane world we live in-best to you as always!

Nina said...

hi devin~i think you're doing yourself a positive service by NOT keeping up on the news. it's important for the mind/body/soul to take those breaks. i know i always feel better when i take a break and i've come to believe taking care of this body machine of mine is number one--especially in these changing times.

best to you as well. and thanks for (unknowingly) sending some of that SW sun our way. it's beautiful here this week. :)