"All this madness, around me.
Makes me question, my own sanity."

(c) 2007, Arching Rainbows

I remember when I was into the new age crap years ago...being told to take a detached p.o.v. when looking at the chaos of the world. "Everything is happening for a reason," I was told. "There's a divine plan at work." And my favorite, "You don't know what the person's soul contracts/personal plan is" spoken when I felt the need to help, to do something. All of this was a way of saying: "I can't handle what's going on so I am going to make up a bunch of flowery bullshit to avoid speaking out for those who can't speak for themselves."

Instead I'm going to write a book about this flowery crap, make a lot of money after going on Oprah, then sitting on my fat ass for the rest of my life as I detach myself from the injustice all around me.

While I know it's important to watch what I take in, I also know I am unable to take a detached position on anything I deem to be injust. I believe within us all is the need to "DO SOMETHING" when we see such acts. That instinct is there for a reason, only we allow religious bullshit, apathy, depression, fear and other emotional states to silence us.

There's so much of this madness going on right now, in particular with the genocide taking place on the Palestine people by the Israeli's. Now granted Hamas has seemed to lost its way and has become just another terrorist group in that it has no regard for human life, that does not justify the actions of Israel any way shape or form. You don't take by force ANYTHING from another individual or group of individuals.

This has nothing to do with the Jewish people, but rather a movement spawned by Zionism whose followers believe Israel to be God's Chosen Land and the citizens of Israel, God's Chosen People. The particular plot of resides in Palestine. One needn't be Jewish to be a Zionist. Just corrupt, greedy, power hungry, utterly blinded by religious falsehoods and most of all, with no concern for human life. Although I realize this is one such explanation, I have an inner confidence that, at its core, religious belief has nothing to do with this theft of land and way of life.

The wisespread level of support by folks creates that level of madness within. Makes me question my own sanity, like the long lyrics mention. You know the concept. Such support receives the most accolades while the words of myself and those like-minded are considered crazy and conspiratorial.


On the flip side, there are those who support the Palestine people. Most are well meaning but some are as equally fucked up as the Zionists.

I mean come on now. How is peace ever going to be created when Zionists scream "death to the arabs" and Arabs scream "death to the jews"? Personally I'd like to see both sides engaging in the violence, doing the actual fighting, take their shit away from the people. Let the people live in peace. You have an issue with your neighbor? Take up the cause yourself. Quit drawing in other's to further the violence.

Let's create a vacuum in space to send such folks. Can't work out your conflicts peacefully? Can't work them out so that you don't infringe on the freedoms of others? Off to the vacuum of conflict resolution. Won't resolve it without using violent means? Well guess what my little friend. You've suddenly become food for the Universe.

Let's recreate the military. Let's train and use these folks to help out those who are suffering, who are in need of help. Natural disasters. Poverty. Hunger. Let's put them to work cleaning up the environment we've polluted (and tossing the corporations like Walmart, et al who have gotten away with on-going polluting practices into that space vacuum). No more need to fight. For if one government decides to invade another nation, it's an automatic toss into the space vacuum to work it out. A Universal time-out.

Yeah, a crazy idea for sure. But only crazy to those too ignorant to think for themselves and too lazy to care. All of which only serves to fuel the madness.


Madness all around me. Madness all around you.

Makes me long for more of those beautiful Arching Rainbows.

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