Thoughts on Democracy and Cosmic Connection

I know the title's strange, but please read on.

I find I often get those quiet insights when I'm near or in water, whether it be at the beach, near a lake or in the bathroom. I was thinking about the concept of democracy earlier today.

I once read a thought that has stayed with me. "Democracy is really mob rule." At first I was offended by that assertion. And yet, today, I realize there's truth in it. While I may remove the word "mob" and instead use "majority", that really is what Democracy looks like. Majority rule.

And yet, that leaves a group of individuals feeling on the outside, where often times their voice, their wants and their needs go overlooked, neglected, often ridiculed.

Something about this doesn't sit well with me. Even if I happen to feel I am in the majority (which I am under no illusion that I am), how just, how fair is it for those who feel on the outside?

We're all connected. Remove the beliefs, the labels, the earthly "things" and we're all Cosmically connected, for better, for worse, for everything in between. And as such, what I do effects you, what you do effects me. That effect can be much less hindering and harmful if we were to embrace Freedom.

All of this has my creative juices flowing, the wheels in my mind turning. Perhaps we need a new way of "governing" ourselves. Perhaps we need to forgo the notion of a federal government and even of states altogether. Perhaps instead we need to simply create communities of various sizes of like-minded individuals, whose beliefs, needs and wants are similar/alike and create government's around such communities whose purpose is to ensure those needs and wants are provided for. The caveat: The principles of Freedom must be followed.

All of this is idealistic of course. As a species we are nowhere near the level of wisdom and self-awakening to live so freely, to live in such a way as to know neighboring areas are living quite differently and, most importantly, to allow that without interfering. But it is possible if we were to embrace the truth of what Freedom is. Live and let live. No imposing of one's will. Do no harm.

So in the meantime, there will continue to be folks like myself who feel on the fringe of society, who feel left out, who feel neglected, kicked to the curb simply for holding a different vision and higher ideals (while the masses continue to applaud certain folks and political figures who mislead them by claiming to hold a higher ideal when their version of "higher" is half a step at most or what is usually the case, new packaging for the same 'ol crap, er, ways). Folks like myself who wish for something as described above but see that the majority around them either aren't ready, don't believe it's possible while wishing for it in some way, or are completely opposed to such an idea. And as a result, their will is interfering with my needs, my wants. Their support of the "way things are" interferes with my need for "the way things could be."

We are all connected. If you believe you support freedom, you must support it for all. And I don't see this happening. A truly free society isn't about Democracy. A truly free society recognizes the common connection we all share, sees our varying beliefs and says "I respect and support your right to live your life as you see fit in so long as doing so allows me to live the same".

Think about that one for awhile.

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