Obama + Change = Lie

Before I begin, let me add a caveat to the potential new reader: I voted for Nader. I voted for real change, not the same 'ole crap in different packaging. I considered not voting, but I went with my idealistic stubborn side. Now, I'm under no illusion that my vote had an impact. That won't happen until more people look, ask, look, ask and look and ask some more.

Ok folks, here it is. The "Change" we've wanted to see in D.C. Let's take a looksie at some of these Obama Cabinet picks and their years in D.C. and well well now, whattya know! What a coincidence! Why most of these people have been affiliated with the Clintons and/or served under the Clinton Administration. Doing some googling on this subject, I came across several articles by Obama supporters who ain't so pleased.

*Eric Holder. Obama's pick for Attorney General. 32 years in D.C. Former Clinton era Justice Department Official.

*Rahm Emanuel. Obama's pick for Chief of Staff. 10 years in D.C. Former Clinton White House Senior Advisor.

*Timothy Geithner. Treasury. 16 years in D.C. Served as Undersecretary for International Affairs during the Clinton era.

*Gregory Chair. Obama's pick for White House Counsel. 37 years in D.C. Led Clinton's defense during the impeachment hearings. Friends of the Clinton's since their days in law school.

*Larry Summers. National Economic Council. During the Clinton years, held positions in the Treasury Department.

*Janet Napolitano. Homeland Security. Was appointed U.S. Attorney for Arizona by Bill Clinton.

*John Podesta. Transition Team. 32 years in D.C. Clinton's last Chief of Staff.

*Hillary. Secretary of State. Do I really need to talk about her affiliation with Bill?

For more insight and to see the entire list, check out this site.

While Obama has added in some newbies (unknown to you and I that is), overall he's simply installed people who have been part of the D.C. Disease that have bankrupted our nation.

Change? Change from reversing some of the Bush Administration policies, yes.

But real change? Change we need to create a legitimate honest government of and for the people?

As Jerry Seinfeld would say, laughing: I don't think so.

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