A New Year's Message

How to sum up 2008: Up and down, courageous and fearful, belief and disbelief, hope and apathy.

As 2009 approaches, I think "it's just another day, really". I also think "it signals something new". This is the ONE DAY when every one of us marks the end of one year and welcomes in a new one in our own way. It is the one day where most of us are thinking about this past year and our hopes for something better, regardless of how we celebrate, if at all. Some have intentions for good, some have darker intentions. While I want to remain aware of those with less-than intentions, I also want to spit on them and their agenda. It's my life, my planet, too.

My focus is on answering the following question: What now? For myself and Mr. N, that means where do we live? How will we make a living? The old is simply that--old. The tried, no longer true. My other focus is on honing those skills that I already have while exploring new creative means of producing an income.

It is my wish for 2009 that we begin to work (and play) together to form ways of living that take the best of the System (technologically speaking primarily) and form small communities off the grid. Communities where everyone contributes what comes to them naturally, joyfully, easily.

For it is long past time to turn this nation of "Pottersville" back into "Bedford Falls".

A solid, peaceful, creative new year to all.

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Devin said...

Great thoghts as always Nina-I could not agree with you more-you summed up 2008 perfectly! Peace and best wishes to you from Arizona!