Scam Alert: National Collector's Mint, Inc.

For the coin collector's out there, may I offer a suggestion: Do not do business with "National Collector's Mint, Inc." Mr. Nina ordered some Morgan Silver Dollars after seeing an ad on television (ah, the great deceiver--television advertisements). Guaranteed to arrive as Fine to Brilliant, with the price guaranteed for ONE WEEK ONLY at $19.90 per coin plus shipping and handling (in our case, $9.50), what we received was not what was advertised. While we are not coin graders, looking at these coins, one could hardly define them as "Fine". Two have chips. Two are heavily tarnished. Two have fairly big dents on the side. Most I soon found out were heavily circulated.

It was then that I decided to do some research on this company. Well, come to find out, National Collector's Mint has been in some hot water with the New York Attorney General's Office. They also have a string of online customer complaints and rip-off/scam alerts. Google "national collector's mint rip-off?" FMI.

And their little "ONE WEEK ONLY" has been playing--ALL YEAR LONG.

Oh yes, people will say "buyer beware" and "why didn't you blah blah blah before buying from these folks?" Yeah, may your piss land on a sparkplug with that b.s. Blame the victim. Enough already. How about we ban together and shut down companies like this instead?

I'm doing my part by alerting the public.



Larry said...

Thanks for the info. Just got an offer in the mail for some Morgan silver dollars and thought I'd look them up before doing business. I will definitely not be buying from them.

Jason said...

I have had quite the opposite experience with NCM, I have ordered from them twice now with no problems whatsoever, and if you are knowledgeable and read the descriptions/grades/conditions, I for one am very pleased with them. As far as the Morgans go, $20 for a Morgan, albeit a circulated one, is still a fair price considering age and the metals market as it is. I have ordered other coins from them, as well as Morgans, and they deliver every time.

Anonymous said...

Yes THEY burnt me too on the #18901
1877 $50 Half Union proof $20 & ship cost. Well the total on my credit card $72.45 USD got email said it WAS shipped 1-12-10 & yesterday was 30 days. I could have WALKED there by now. Where do I go now & NEVER BUY FROM AGAIN EH!

Anonymous said...

Here's a good one I was sent an email they had shipped 1-12-10 to me in Canada order #3161443 when I saw some of the scam info they had done I cancelled my credit card. Today I actually talked to Alan NOT very nice person. He said they TRIED to run my card TODAY & it was declined. He GAURENTEED me I DIDN'T get an email saying they had shipped 1-12-10. So WHY did I get an email shipped 1-12-10 & 30 DAYS LATER they try to run my card. LUCKY me eh! they didn't get me. Looking @ the email I DIDN'T get. You need to BE real careful

Anonymous said...

Just got off the phone with NCM had to cancel a subscription that i hadn't ordered, they said i didn't read the fine print on a mailing they sent me, so had to pay 40% more than a coin was worth. I woldn't reccomend doing buisness with them. Go to a legitamate dealer

Anonymous said...

Got all excited last night after seeing the Buffalo Tribute coins. Ordered the limit and during the check out process accepted one of their other offers. They just kept coming though and I had to turn down a bunch. Total check out price was $160. Ok, I could live with that. Got my email confirmation and they ended up tacking on another $99 coin that I did not want approve or want. Like the rest of you, I did my research AFTER. Dang, called the credit card company to try and cancel. We'll see if the charges clear.

Omega Coin said...

My mother, years ago, bought several Morgan dollars from NCM as a gift to me, (which started me in coin collecting). What I received I was quite impressed with, and she ordered another one for me. Keep in mind this was a few years ago, and haven't done business them since, nor will I. I can find quality coins at my local coin dealer, or on eBay. (One eBayer I've bought from so many times in the past doesnt even wait for my payment to clear before he has the coin shipped to me.)

I've had co-workers ask me about buying coins from NCM, and I strongly advise against it. I ask them what they're looking for, and find it for them just so they don't incur the headaches that so many others have endured in the past. When it comes to NCM, just keep shopping.


Anonymous said...

My son ordered the Buffalo Tribute
Proof for $9.95+s/h.He was sent several sets, at a cost of $457.00!
Money was taken from his debit card, and he has notified Illinois
Attorney General.All coins were sent back, and still waiting for a refund. Don't do any business with
this company!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jason. have purchased the Morgan Silver Dollars from NCM and receive them without any problems. Bought 10 at one time on-line when the TV ad said limit of 5and received them about 10 days later. No extra sales pitch, no strange billing.