One Of The Youngest Iraqi Victims

This is maddening to me. Maddening not only because of the genocide that's being committed in Iraq (karma cannot come soon enough for every fucker who supported and supports this war) and the families being torn apart, destroyed, and the overwhelming number of children being injured, including this precious little child, but maddening because the father is a gutless fuck who allowed a new wife to enter the family home--a new wife who refused to care for his little girl, his daughter, his baby. That isn't a woman. That is a heartless bitch.

The loving thing to do would be to allow this child to be put up for adoption. The other loving thing to do would be for the Rosie O'Donnell's and Brad/Angelina's of the world--the multi- millionaires who are very much in favor of adoption--to create a fund enabling those who would like to adopt but cannot simply due to money the chance to do just that. If such things existed, I would be first in line to adopt this little girl.

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Pugs in Space said...

This simply breaks my heart.