Winter Wonderland

It has been quite beautiful here this week. We've had an unusual weather occurrence: snow lasting for more than a day. No longer do the trees look lonely and barren. They have been kissed with sparkling whiteness. The sounds of kids squealing is once again to be heard, replacing the silent streets that are the norm this time of year. And the dogs, well the dogs, what can I say, they love the snow. Well, most of them do. Upon seeing it was snowing quite heavily last night, this little pooch begged me to venture outdoors, well past the time most people are sleeping. I agreed. Grabbing my camera, we headed outside. She soon grew displeased with me taking pictures of the scenery and decided to come plant herself right next to me where she gave me her best "mama you PROMISED you would play snowball with me!" look. I complied. For who can resist such a face?

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Pugs in Space said...

What a cutie tilting her head at her mommy like that!