Things That Make Me Go "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!"

1) Stubbing my toe on the door jam. Especially distressing when it's 3am and I don't want to awaken anybody.

2) All of these Hollywood Gala Benefits and World Government Gatherings addressing hunger whilst participants enjoy 18 course meals.

3) Listening to Mr. Billionaire himself, Bill Gates, proclaim the U.S. needs to double it's Foreign Aid whilst neglecting to campaign for a double or tripling of Aid here for the poor, homeless and hungry here at home.

4) Listening to these helmet head, zero facial lines, pimples or flaws due to the 20 pounds of pan make-up spew from the teleprompter some of the same lines I write about (only I do so much more eloquently) whilst getting paid $500,000 a year. Me? Zero.

5) The continuation of the two-party system and those who still see differences between the two parties.

6) All of this talk about 2012.

7) Being woken up by drunk, obnoxiously loud, inconsiderate college children.

8) Gas prices up 50%. Food prices up over 30%. Gas prices drop over 50%. Food prices, still remain the same.

9) This movement afoot calling for people to grow their own food thinking we can all survive on potatoes and carrots, beans and tomato's, not to mention the space needed for such a thing is not doable for many if not most American's.

10) This movement afoot calling for people to reduce spending, cut back and live simply. This movement is basically being aimed at the middle income folks and lower when it is the upper middle class and beyond who needs to be cutting the fuck back. For many of us, we are living as simply as we can and frankly, many of us are tired of it and would like to be living a bit more abundantly.

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