Another Corvallis Employer Pandering To The Spanish-Speaking

There aren't many available jobs in Corvallis as those of us looking are well aware of. And as such, it's an employer's wet dream. Unfortunately, some of these employers take advantage of such situations, many of them over the years pandering to the Spanish-Speaking community.

Before I continue I want to make clear (again) that I have nothing against anyone moving to the states. I have nothing against Hispanic people. They are some of the most open-hearted people I have met. Very truly deeply family oriented. My issue is this trend of businesses and government mandating that we become a dual language society. In our private lives, this is of course fine. And doable. However, out in the working world this is unfair and ridiculous. Practicality screams we must have one recognized language in such situations. This trend has put aside a large percentage of our population that does not speak Spanish (or Spanish AND English both)--aside and out of the competitive job market.

Move here and you can receive assistance learning the language. Already live here and want assistance learning Spanish? Don't think so.

Helicopter Transport Services, Inc. located out at the Corvallis Municipal Airport is hiring for a position I would otherwise be qualified for it it weren't for one caveat: Spanish speaking is a must.

I wish to give my thanks to HTSI for continuing this trend of pandering to those who chose to move here and opt not to learn the language. I wish to thank them for making it more difficult for folks like myself to find employment. May a hemmorhoid gigante se conecta a su asno hasta que usted llegue a ser conocedor de lo que sus acciones hacen a este paĆ­s.

For those who think I am exagerrating, here's another little scoop on this issue. I recently purchased some asparagus at Fred Meyer. Attached to the label was a word I had never seen. A new country, a new state, a new city perhaps. It was a combination of "Mexico" and "California". I was stunned. I forgot to save it so I can't recall the exact word. But it was eye-opening for certain.

Breaking News: Mr. N reminded me that I bought two bundles of asparagus, kept one in the refrig and put the other in the freezer. The one in the freezer still had the rubber band and attached labels. The name of the city in California? "CALEXICO." There you have it.

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