I Try

Lyrics to one of my songs...

I Try

I try...
to understand life
and all that surrounds it.

I try...
to carry on
with the burdens in my heart.

And even though I smile...
Inside I'm crying.

'Til you came along
and offered a place to fall.

'Til you came along
and shined your light
on my darkened soul.

I try...
To find the meaning
in my life.

And I try...
To see in me
what I see in you.

And even though I smile
inside I'm still searching.

Cause you came along
and showed me a different way.

'Til you came along
I was unaware
of the beauty within.


Devin said...

By the way Nina-I absolutely love your blog-you also have a gift that some of the other bloggers I link to have of putting posts up about your feelings and obervations in a very touching and heartfelt way! blessings to you and yours!

Nina said...

thank you devin. :)

i also enjoy reading your blog for much of the same reasons. you put so much emotion into your words and write with an eloquence that i find is missing today.