Sunday's Thoughts

I'm wondering, are we truly ready to live in peace and freedom? Can we exist with those who live differently than we do, who think and believe and eat and consume and do things differently than we do, without imposing our own will and ways on that individual? Can we embrace our individual needs and wants and still feel and be at peace?

I'm not so sure some days, although I have hope. There's a lot of discussion on the internet about living new ways, doing new things. And yet where is the thought that says "although that doesn't work for me, I accept that is how you wish to live". Lots of will-imposing going on.

I'd like to see more "live and let live". In so long as that living isn't harming another. And by "harm" I'm not talking about insults or annoyances that really aren't harmful.

I'm more interested in new ideas. In expanding our boundaries. In exploring past those things we have been told are "not possible" or "not ok".

I've been thinking about world conditions. Who hasn't? Been seeing how afraid and angry I have become. How apathetic, sad, depressed I have become. And yet, aren't the thoughts I hold the primary factor of these emotional and mental states? Feelings follow thoughts.

So I've been wondering, what sort of an influence am I having if, primarily, I am putting out into the world the emotional vibrational states of anger and fear?

Do I wish to see war end? Of course. So rather than thinking "I hate war" or "I am anti-war", instead I am working on thinking thoughts of peace. "I am pro-peace." "I imagine a world of peace."

Do I wish to see the corruption come crashing down? Hell yeah! So rather than thinking "I hate those corrupt SOB's running the System", instead I am focusing on thinking "People are honest and well-intentioned". I imagine a System run on honesty.

Rather than thinking "I hate poverty" or "I am anti-poverty", I am instead working on thinking such thoughts as "I am pro-abundance" or "The world is abundant".

In a sense, since I'm already aware of what's happening now, I'm instead focusing on what I want and believing in the possibility of that.

You get the picture.

Thoughts aren't the answer of course. Action is needed, too. But they are key in turning around this current emotional vibrational state we're in. And we as individuals have the power to do that. I see it as seeing the possibilities. Faith. Hope. Without these, why even continue to discuss the going's on?

I'm in search of an inexpensive turn table, one that is self-contained. Growing up, my parents had a big collection of albums. My brother recently made several of our favorite songs into a CD. What an amazing experience to listen to songs I hadn't heard in over 20 years. I remembered each one. Nice memories. I have my own collection of 38's and 45's that simply sit unused, including a nice inheritance of old jazz, big band, polka, c/w from the 30's through the 70's.

My employment was officially terminated this past week. What a nice feeling it is to know that some damn machine has replaced me. Technology has its drawbacks. For certain.

Milk has dropped by fifty cents. At least the brand we buy. I have asked two of the clerks about this and neither one was aware of the price drop. With everything else going up at ridiculously levels, it is nice to know, for now, the zero hormone milk we drink is under $3/gallon.

I'm thinking that instead of growing food outdoors, we grow it inside with lights and purified air. Move to a bigger place and use an entire room for food. Even with organic, healthy soil, the food is still vulnerable to air pollution. Along those lines, I cannot grasp the concept that it is ever ok to spray something we ingest with toxic chemicals. I also learned that when buying carrots, buy the ones that have had the green tops removed. The tops take away energy from the carrot. I'm a carrot freak, so that was important news for me.

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