Banking Scam

I used to be under the illusion (or the lie as fed to us by the System) that when I took out a loan from a bank, the money was already in the possession of the bank. At the very least, the money had to be made, right? It had to come from somewhere in order to cover what I was borrowing. I was once also under the illusion that when I deposited cash, it stayed put, just as I was once under the illusion that when I deposited a check, those numbers become converted to coins and bills, all of which the bank would have on hand.

Of course I know today that none of this is true. You ask for a loan and no new monetary note is printed, no new coin is minted. You deposit a check, it remains as that. Numbers on paper, which thus get translated into numbers on a computer.

I'm reading a book and in it, I read that for every $1,000 that is put into a bank, approximately $10,000, or 10 times that amount is handed out in loans to consumers.

It was interesting to learn that this entire idea started back during the days when the currency was precious metals. Owners would store their gold and silver and other precious metals at goldsmiths, for safe keeping, who would then give receipts in the form of paper notes to these customers. This was in the days prior to interest, interest being generated or charged. The goldsmiths noticed a trend. The majority of the people kept most of their precious metals on site and when they withdrew some of that currency, it was usually only a small amount, withdrawn to pay off a debt. The goldsmiths then had the idea to start issuing notes to those who didn't have gold and silver and other metals, and they charged interest in doing so. Interest for the lending of other people's wealth.

That, in a nutshell, is what banking is.

When you take out that mortgage or car loan, where does that money come from? Does the bank actually make more money to cover the loan? Most of the money in circulation today isn't tangible. It is merely numbers on paper that is passed from one computer account to another through debit and credit card transactions, checks, money transfers.

And think about this one. For that essentially "non-existant money" you have borrowed, if you are somehow unable to repay this "fictional" money, the bank can then collect from you--in terms of REAL wealth. Car, house and other tangible assets.

It's brilliant, actually. Sick and twisted, but brilliant.

Ever think about how you are only allowed to withdraw a certain amount of money each day? The banks are limiting and thus controlling your money and what you can do with it. It's our money, right? We therefore should have the right to move it as we deem fit, withdraw whatever amount we deem fit. The banks have set up a system whereby they own the money, whether it exists or not. They control what happens to it. Do you think if the majority of a bank's customers decided to close their funds on one particular day the bank would have that kind of liquid cash on hand? Hell no!

Have you ever asked yourself, when hearing an economist speak about how the market is cyclical, just how in the world does this happen by itself? If banks are moving the "money", doesn't this mean that someone is controlling things? If stocks and bonds are bought and sold, doesn't this mean others are controlling the market? It always struck me as odd, even before I began to wake up to this entire scheme, to hear some finance guy talk about some illusive financial market that essentially runs itself.

Typically, during economic booms, people and businesses go into debt. Consumers borrow and spend more. Businesses spend and borrow more. More jobs are created. Then banks raise the interest rates to slow down that credit/loan demand. With fewer loans being taken out, this slows down this production of available "money". That then leads to slower business and job trends. Suddenly, people and business lack the ability to pay back that debt. In time, bankruptcy becomes a reality for many and the banks then take back that "money" by taking the real wealth. Again, homes, land, cars, etc.

All of this over numbers on some computer screen.

He who controls the food controls the people.

He who controls the money controls the world.

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tkn said...

Its a house of cards, largely built on cheap energy, but also a lot of smoke and mirrors. As long as we're here we might as well try to change it. Make it fairer, make it more sustainable.